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Invoice Number MFM-00202001
Invoice Date March 8, 2020
Due Date March 31, 2020
Total Due $7,500.00
Golden Valley High School / Berean Haddad
Qty Service PriceSubtotal
1 Arranger fees - Voltage show

- Custom arranged all songs for Voltage competition set
- Created vocal, keys, guitar, piano, bass, and drum scores for all songs
- Created play along tracks for rehearsals for all songs
- Created part tracks for singers for all songs
- Song revisions on call as needed
- In person planning meetings and vocal/band rehearsals as needed

1 Arranger fees - ladies' group

- Arrange 'Gift of a Friend' for SSA vocals

Subtotal $7,500.00
Tax $0.00
Total Due $7,500.00