MiraCosta Piano Classes (Oceanside Campus)


MUS 120 – Beginning Level 1

MUS 121 – Beginning Level 2

MUS 128 – Piano For Music Majors I

MUS 129 – Piano For Music Majors II

    Offered: T/TH 10:30 AM

All majors are expected to enroll in a piano class at MiraCosta each semester. No piano courses are repeatable, and all students can enroll in a maximum of four piano courses for credit over their MiraCosta career.

The 128 class is the most essential for our music majors. Non-music majors are definitely welcome as well. The class is a combination of working on traditional written piano literature, learning scales and arpeggios required for any Bachelor’s Degree Music Program, and learning basic chords for use in jazz lead sheets and other contemporary music. This course is the pre-requisite for all further piano courses (129/228/229).

129 continues and refines the skills learned in MUS 128, and is great for students who aren’t quite ready to jump to the advanced levels.


MUS 228 – Advanced Piano (pre-requisite MUS 128)

Offered: T/TH 10:30 AM (Spring semesters only)

MUS 229 – Jazz / Commercial Piano (pre-requisite MUS 128)

Offered: T/TH 10:30 AM (Fall semesters only)

Both advanced courses have a prerequisite of MUS 128. 129 is not necessary to take the upper levels, and can be taken after either 228 or 229.


Each music major piano course (MUS 129/228/229) will require you to play one short piece in the first week of class to evaluate your playing level. Please prepare a very short excerpt that demonstrates your playing level, and bring the sheet music for it to class. If you are uncertain what to prepare, here are some piano placement pieces that will work well:

MCC Piano Placement Pieces


All Oceanside campus piano classes are located in the Music Building.

The building is located right behind the Campus Theatre and is next to the Concert Hall. All music buildings can be accessed as you enter Parking Lot 2B.

The piano classes are located on the second floor of the Creative Arts Complex in Room 2251 (by the elevators). The music office and most of the other music classes are located on the first floor.