Vocal Jazz Diversity Webinar – Session Description


Workshop Presenter: Terrence Taylor – COR Perspectives

Friday, August 7th, 2020

Pacific Time: 10:00 AM // Eastern Time: 1:00 PM

Session will be two hours in length.

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Terrence is both trained in Diversity & Inclusion and Equal Opportunity Employment and is a professional musician having studied Vocal Jazz at many levels, including winning two Downbeat awards for Outstanding Soloist in multiple styles.

Session Description:

The age-old saying says “we are a melting pot.” Yet consider the beauty of striving for our spaces to be mosaics, each part with its unique identity contributing to the greater whole. This hinges on encouraging diversity in our educational institutions.

For vocal jazz directors, this mosaic takes on different forms and considerations:

In a discussion led by COR Perspectives, we will delve into the topic of diversity in the vocal jazz classroom: exploring what it is, barriers and traps, terminology, and steps we can take to promote diversity in our classrooms, performances, and recordings.

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Registration fees will also benefit the Ella Fitzgerald Charitable Foundation — ellafitzgerald.com/foundation

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